Dataset Information

netcdf_library_version: netcdf library version 4.3.3 of Apr 1 2015 13:27:43 $
format_version: HF_EMODNET_0.0.1
Conventions: CF-1.6
title: Near-Real Time Surface Ocean Velocity
institution: INTECMAR-Xunta de Galicia; Puertos del Estado
source: Surface Oceanf HF-Radar
history: 18-Apr-2024 00:32:01 : 5-days netcdf file created
references: EMODNET HF Radar Network Guideline
creator_name: Pedro Montero
summary: Surface ocean velocities estimated from HF-Radar are representative of the upper 0.3 - 2.5 meters of the\\012 ocean. The main objective of the near-real time\\012 processing is to produce the best product from\\012 available data at the time of processing. Radial\\012 velocity measurements are obtained from the individual\\012 radar sites of the Galician HF-Radar Network.\\012 Hourly radial data are processed by unweighted least-squares\\012 on a 6km resolution grid of the Galician Coast\\012 to produce near real-time surface currents maps.
regional_description: IBI-ROOS, Galician Coast
Unlimited_Dimension: time

Variables in this Dataset

time: Array of 32 bit Integers [time = 0..119]
long_name: Valid Time GMT
standard_name: time
units: seconds since 1970-01-01
calendar: gregorian